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“Our website is where an entire industry meets, in One Accord,
paving a new and better road through the industry’s labor issues.”

Welcome to OneAccord Trucking Jobs. Founded in 2010 and featuring the Fast Track™ Survey, we have quickly become the fastest growing transportation job site in America.

Unlike most traditional job boards, OneAccord utilizes an internationally recognized, behaviorally based, job-specific, pre-employment survey tool that has an 88-92% accuracy rate in reliably identifying high performance candidates regardless of experience. Through this survey tool, we help employers identify great candidates and fill their positions quickly and easily.

Our job-specific survey allows hiring managers to quickly identify potential employees, eliminating the need to sort through hundreds of unqualified resumes. Companies using us enjoy a reduction in recruiting, hiring and turnover costs, and experience a general improved shift in overall workforce performance and productivity output.

There is a shortage of qualified labor in the trucking industry so finding talented employees has become a big problem. And although we are currently experiencing high rates of unemployment generally, the trucking industry, because of increased government regulation, has seen a large percentage of its workforce eliminated. OneAccord was developed to bring a valuable solution to the transportation industry’s shortage of qualified labor, and help those individuals who are qualified to find training and good paying, secure jobs.

As developers of the Fast Track™ Survey, we have been helping employers identify the high performance behaviors of their workforce for over 20 years. The methodology behind our hiring systems has served a wide range of clientele from many different industries, and many of those listed on the Fortune 1000.

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