The following is a list of our most common questions and answers by category.

  1. What are the benefits of applying for a trucking job through OneAccord versus using another industry job board? Easy, no other site gives you the advantage of OneAccord. OneAccord utilizes a job-specific survey in its application process that employers trust to help determine applicant selection. Simply completing the survey gives you an initial advantage and can bring you directly to the front of the line.  Employers can receive hundreds of applications for one position so OneAccord helps you rise above the traffic and get the recognition you deserve.
  2. How much does OneAccord cost? There is no cost for job seekers to create an account, search open positions, post resumes or take the Fast Track™ survey.
  3. Where do I start? You should start by creating a free account and building your profile.  Once your profile is built, you can take the Fast Track™ survey which, with your permission, will then be added to your application.  Once your profile is built and you complete the survey, you’re ready to start applying for jobs.
  1. What is a Fast Track™ Survey? The Fast Track™ Survey is based on a scientific behavioral job analysis with people who have found long-term fulfillment and happiness in their job.  Each survey is based on an in-depth job analysis that identifies hundreds of behaviors critical for job compatibility.
  2. How long will it take to complete the Fast Track™ Survey? It will take most applicants approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the survey.
  3. Can I complete more than one career survey? Yes, you can complete a career survey for both the long-haul truck driver and diesel technician positions, if you desire.
  4. How soon will I get the survey results? The results will be posted to your OneAccord profile within 12 hours.
  5. Where do I get the links to take the career surveys? You will be prompted at the end of building your resume to take the survey, it would be best to complete it at that time if you can.  If not, your member account will save your survey session for up to 10 days to allow you to complete it.
  6. Can I take part of the career survey and then come back and complete it at a later time? Yes, simply login again at a later time and finish your survey.
  7. Do I need to complete the survey before I can submit my resume or apply to posted jobs? Yes, all applicants are required to complete one survey per job category in which they wish to apply or submit their resume.  We strongly encourage that you take the survey so your resume may move closer to the front of the line. And after completion of the survey you control the results. Most employers receive too many resumes to review them all very quickly; they look for ones marked with Fast Track™ results. It’s the biggest advantage we give to all our user clients.
  8. Is it important to have experience doing the job in order to do well on the survey? No, it is not necessary to have job experience to rank well on the survey.
  9. How do I retake a career survey? At the present time, we do not allow applicants to complete the same job-specific survey more than once.
  10. How do I interpret my results? Interpretation of survey results is easy. Your survey results are shown as 1-5 stars. The stars signify an applicant’s behavioral ‘job-fit’ to the job they are applying for. What employers like to see are candidate applications with two or more stars, but even one star applications are noticed.

  1. What is the benefit of hiring employees through OneAccord? All applications come with a Fast Track™ Survey result so you can quickly prioritize which applicants are better suited for your open positions.   Our system is proven to reduce recruiting, hiring and turnover costs and improve productivity dramatically.
  2. What is the cost to post a job? We offer various packages to support your need in combination with very aggressive volume pricing.  A single job posting starts at $129 but can be as low as $29.95 depending on volume. Visit the Employer Center for pricing information.
  3. Can I advertise on your web site? Yes, we offer advertising packages so you can reach potential employees visiting our site.  Please contact advertising@1-accord.com for more information.
  4. Can I search resumes? Yes, you will be given the option to access all of the Fast Track™ Candidate applications in our database to proactively search for the right candidates for your open positions.

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