Fast Track™ Survey

OneAccord truck jobs Fast Track survey

Methodology behind the Accern™ Fast Track™ Survey

The Fast Track™ pre-employment surveys are a powerful tool used by companies to identify those applicants who, if hired, are most likely to be outstanding performers in a specific job.

The Fast Track™ Surveys are unique in that they do not measure the person in the abstract nor do they measure some psychological construct.  Rather, they measure the person for the specific position to be filled, and that is why they are so powerful.

Controlled experimentation has consistently shown that outstanding workers are two and three times more productive than their average or barely acceptable counterparts.  This increase in productivity characterizes not just the behavior being measured, but occurs across the entire spectrum of behaviors which make up the job.

Each survey is developed to measure the applicant for a specific job in a specific industry. As an example, our survey for the position of Short Haul Truck Driver is completely different from our Long Haul Driver survey.

Consistently hiring outstanding individuals every time is difficult.  These surveys will help you identify applicants who have the highest probability of being outstanding in their performance across a broad range of behaviors that comprise the job.  Imagine the implications of being able to staff your business so that your newly hired employees are as good or better than your current outstanding performers. Or as an employee, imagine being able to experience greater enjoyment working in a career that is a good job-fit for you.

Predicting Job-fit is what the Accern™ Fast Track™ Survey is designed to do.

All pre-employment surveys we develop comply with the Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection (1978). The validation studies of these surveys utilize the content validity method.  This ensures your confidence of the scientific rigor used in assessment construction and satisfies the requirement for assessment validity under EEOC standards, as well as, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

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