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Oneaccord trucking jobs, get hired today
It’s the tool that works for us. You can train drivers all you like but without the proper behaviors, they still won’t be successful. The Fast Track™ Survey reduces our chances of recommending someone who will sign on with a fleet only to quit driving two months later.
Joan McDonald, President, JVI Commercial Driving School, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Fleet Owner Magazine

“What makes this survey so accurate is the fact that it’s completely based on a thorough analysis of driving as a profession using the behaviors that distinguish top drivers. A superior driver will be superior across the entire spectrum of behaviors. The attitude that if they don’t work out I’ll get rid of them can get expensive, I can’t tell you how much training money is thrown away by companies trying to make people into something that they’re not and never will be. It’s best to hire non-training problems from the start.”
Dr. Richard F Scheig Ph.D., CEO, Envisage Co., Motortruck Heavy Duty Fleet Magazine

“Within eight months, we reduced turnover to 45% (from 200%), reduced worker’s comp injuries among those hired with the Fast Track™ Survey, reduced training time in half and now have a diverse workforce in our warehouse operations. In addition, implementation of the Fast Track™ Survey prior to notification of an OFCCP audit helped save the company several hundred thousand dollars.”
Dorothy Merkle, Vice President of Human Resources, SYSCO Foodservice

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