Understanding the Survey Results

Understanding the Fast Track™ Survey result is not a complicated thing at all. Since the survey is a way to gauge a respondent’s behavioral approach to a particular job, the stars simply illustrate that. The stars signify an applicant’s behavioral job-fit to the job they are applying for. The range of receivable stars is represented by the illustration below. The “T” is a distribution reference that helps indicate how one respondent’s survey results compare with others.

OneAccord Candidates Endorsed by Fast Track™

  • = Excellent behaviors matching top performing drivers and techs
  • = Very good to great behaviors
  • = Good behaviors

OneAccord Candidates NOT Endorsed by Fast Track™

  • = Questionable behaviors
  • = Poor Behaviors; low job performance/ high safety risk

After completing the Fast Track™ Survey your results are shown as 1-5 stars. You will be asked to accept or to decline attaching your results to your OneAccord resume or training qualification profile. The real key here is not so much how many stars an employer may look for, but that they are less interested to look at resumes with no stars.

If you choose “Decline” attaching your result to your resume, you will continue to have full access membership status in OneAccord and the survey results box of your resume will remain blank.

If you choose “Accept” your survey results will be attached to your OneAccord resume and the survey results box of your resume will show the star(s) you received.

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