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OneAccord partners with North America’s top trucking industry companies and training facilities to provide applicants the highest quality jobs and training programs available. It’s our goal to partner with all trucking companies to provide the largest, single-source of trucking jobs available online.

OneAccord Trucking Jobs is where the Trucking Industry Starts Working

Whether the Transportation industry is suffering from a shortage of qualified applicants during a good economy or an overabundance of unqualified applicants in a bad economy, the industry continues to suffer from the lack of a bonafide selection tool that allows you to identify who the high performance candidates are.

With the Accern™ Fast Track™ Survey now available through our innovative job board platform, employers in the transportation industry have access to a truly reliable and accurate means by which to objectively measure and pre-qualify applicants.

Employees hired using our survey have saved companies thousands of dollars per hire by reducing turnover costs, L&I claims and safety related expenses. In fact, studies have shown turnover costs alone can be as high as 2-3 times a person’s weekly wage. Proper use of our survey has helped companies rather quickly increase their profits by reducing these expenses, while providing a general increase to the overall productivity and performance level of their workforce.

Supplying these pre-qualified applicants will benefit you over other industry niche job boards by reducing your time spent recruiting and sorting through resumes, as well as time spent in the interview process by approximately half. Using our job board will likely produce savings in your organization’s hiring expenditures in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Begin benefiting from the use of the most convenient method of recruiting, selecting and hiring of the industry’s best candidates. Register to become a OneAccord FREE member, and start searching and posting jobs today.

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