How It Works For Employers

one accord trucking jobs helps employers find the right hireWith OneAccord, in addition to helping you fill your open positions quickly with pre-qualified candidates, we also enable you to identify inexperienced recruits from which to select that are most likely to make successful candidates for training.

The trainee candidates we’ve helped select, graduate training programs with a remarkable 98% completion rate according to the Lewin Group study, “A New Career in Trucking”, are better able to do the job and do it well, and exhibit stronger safety related behaviors.

Those are a few of the many ways OneAccord can help quickly turn around the expense of your organizations recruiting, hiring and training programs from simply “just the cost of doing business” into a truly rewarding investment in people, the Right people.

Here’s how it works:

  1. RegisterThe first step is to set up your corporate account.  Register for a login and password and build your company profile.
  2. Post Jobs – Follow our simple step-by-step process to post your open job positions.  Volume pricing is available for multiple job listings.
  3. Search Resumes – Don’t want to wait for the applicants to come to you?  Search our database of Fast Track™ applicants to find a great pre-qualified candidate now.
  4. View Applicants – Login any time to view an up-to-the-minute list of current applicants.

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How can we create such a rewarding workforce investment experience for our clients?  We do it through the use of our proven Fast Track™ Survey. It’s the first phase of a three phased comprehensive hiring system known as the Accern™ Hiring System, and the whole system is available for purchase through OneAccord.

Our internationally recognized, behaviorally based, job-specific, pre-employment survey tool has an 88-92% accuracy rate in reliably identifying high performance, top producing candidates regardless of their experience level. We’re haulin’ over two and a half decades of proven cost savings and improved workforce performance to our many satisfied clients.

Together, we’ll help you improve safety and performance, reduce many of the costs associated with hiring and provide you the best candidates to select for your open position quickly.

 Get Started Now

By using the OneAccord job board to recruit, select and hire your next employees, you will see:

  • Dramatic Improvements in Productivity as High as 300%
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Productivity Output and Profit!
  • Time and Money Saved on Your Hiring Process
  • Reduced Hiring Frustration
  • Reduced Employment Cost
  • Reduced Rework
  • Reduced Accident Liability Claims
  • Up to 60% Reduction in Worker Compensation Claims
  • Up to 75% Reduction in Turnover Rates
  • Shortened Training Periods
  • Compliance with OFCCP and EEOC Guidelines/Regulations
  • Creation of a Job Success Profile
  • Effective Communication of Job Expectations
  • Identification of High Potential Candidates
  • Best Complimentary HR Tool to Facilitate/Accompany CSA 2010 Regulations

Contact us if you’d like information on how to purchase any of OneAccords products and services, or visit our Employer Center to discover more information.

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