How It Works For Job Seekers

one accord trucking jobs finds drivers and mechanics to hireFind your next trucking job quickly with OneAccord.  Unlike other job boards, we’ll have the trucking companies coming to you! How? We have a proven and unique applicant survey tool that can help identify you as a top candidate regardless of your experience.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for FreeSimply set-up a free account with OneAccord to have access to thousands of jobs and hiring companies.
  2. Build Your Profile – Follow our step-by-step process to build your job profile and application.
  3. Take the Fast Track™ Survey – Our behavioral survey is a gauge employers use to help match applicants to the ideal position.  All applications submitted with the Fast Track™ Survey results are priority reviewed by employers.
  4. Search JobsOnce you’ve built your profile and taken the behavioral survey, you’re ready to find your next job.  Search available positions and start applying today.

Employers trust OneAccord and the Fast Track™ Survey to identify the best candidates for their open positions. And we deliver those qualified candidates to the front of the line so you’ll get noticed and get hired quickly. By participating with us in our premier application process you’re already demonstrating to our employer partners your attitudinal and behavior potential as a valued and coveted employee.

Your trust is important to us as well, and we can assure you the application process is safe, risk free and it costs you nothing! No other site can put you so directly in front of the industry’s top employers. Our application process may take a little more time than other sites to complete, however it’s a simple 3 step process and the potential outcome is well worth it. The survey data we collect is securely protected and you, and only you, control who receives your application and survey results every time.

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