How It Works For Driver and Technician Training

One Accord Trucking Jobs finds employees for driving or mechanicsAre you wondering if the trucking industry might be the right career move for you?  Today, there is a shortage of long haul truck drivers and diesel technicians.  Companies are offering attractive training programs to find new employees.  We’ll help you determine if this may be a viable career option and help you locate the right career training program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for FreeSimply set-up a free account with OneAccord to have access to available training programs, thousands of jobs and hiring companies.
  2. Build Your Profile – Follow our step-by-step process to build your job profile and application.
  3. Take the Fast Track™ Survey – Our behavioral survey is a gauge employers use to help match applicants to the ideal position.  It also answers the question, “Is trucking for me?”  Take one of the surveys to determine if you have what it takes to be successful in a particular trucking industry job.  All training applications submitted with our Fast Track™ Survey results are priority reviewed by employers.
  4. Search Jobs and Training ProgramOnce you’ve built your profile and taken the short survey, you’re ready to find the right training program for you.  Search training programs and get your new career powered up today.

Candidates who qualify to receive training will find many publicly and privately run truck driving and technician training schools that are eager to accept and potentially fund them. Given a cost conscious industry, most training programs prefer students showing both a genuine interest, and those who demonstrate that they possess the right job-specific behaviors needed for a great job-fit. After all, having the right job-specific behaviors not only strongly predicts the likelihood of success as students, but also their long term success as future industry professionals. And you wouldn’t want to wind up in a career you weren’t happy in, would you? One of the many benefits you receive in completing our survey is it helps you know that before you’ve become too heavily invested. Either way, it’s worth finding out up front.

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