Advantages for the Job Seeker

one accord trucking jobs - we get people working, find the best job for youDon’t let yourself get bogged down in the congestion of applicant traffic! Rise above the pollution of unqualified candidates and gain faster, favorable recognition from top employers.

At OneAccord our Fast Track™ Survey is one of the best ways to get the performance recognition you deserve and distinguish yourself from other applicants competing for the same job.

  • Get Noticed – Applications submitted with our pre-qualifying Fast Track™ survey results get priority review status from participating employers.  Get noticed and find a job quickly.
  • Get Recruited – Once your application and survey results are in our database, potential employers will be able to search your information and contact you directly.

It’s often difficult for employers to understand and know the elusive success profile of any particular job in order to make good hires. This is especially true for OTR driver, but also diesel technician positions as well. Fortunately, OneAccord is the job board that helps bridge this gap and connect outstanding employers with outstanding applicants.

Get behind the wheel of OneAccord and let us help you steer your career into tomorrow, TODAY! It’s safe, simple and you’re in control all the way. Find out more of How It Works or Register to get started now.

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