Advantages for Trainee Candidates

OneAccord delivers great public and private paid CDL driver and diesel technician training programs to qualified candidates wanting to break into the trucking industry. We partner with a number of well-respected public and private providers that agree to pay your upfront training costs and offer you employment after you graduate. In partnering with these providers OneAccord is able to put you on the road with some of the best paid CDL driver, diesel technician training programs and employment opportunities in the trucking industry to date.

  • Get Noticed – Training requests submitted with our pre-qualifying Fast Track™ survey results get priority review status from participating training providers.  Get noticed and placed with a training program provider quickly.
  • Get Recruited – Once your profile and survey results are in our database, potential training providers will be able to search your information and contact you directly.
  • Get Trained – Merge into the fast lane of a better tomorrow, and become a highly sought after career professional in one of the transportation industry’s most critical positions.

OneAccord helps you explore whether the trucking industry is the right career choice for you.  We all know what it feels like to be in a job you hate, counting the hours and waiting for the next weekend.   We’ll help you determine which trucking jobs would be the best fit for you so you can finally have that job that doesn’t feel like “work”.

Grab the Keys to Your New Career and Start It Up Today! It’s safe, simple and you’re in control all the way. Find out more of How It Works or Register to get started now.

What OneAccord Delivers…

Ease of Use, Speed, Advantage, Trust, Security, Performance Recognition, Respect, Relief, Better Pay Potential & Community of Dedicated Professionals.

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